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Astana model

Astana model entry-doors models-of-door-fillings wood without-glazing astana-model


Astana model




The Astana model doors offered by Adezo are a unique solution for your home. External doors are the showcase of every property and should fulfill both aesthetic and practical functions.

The doors are made of the highest quality oak wood, which guarantees durability and a unique appearance for many years. Adezo offers a wide range of colors and shades of wood, so you can match the doors to the style of your home. Additionally, you can choose from 215 colors from the RAL palette, which gives unlimited personalization possibilities.

Full doors have no glazing or windows, which means that they are completely closed and do not let in any light. This design perfectly protects against outside sounds and heat loss, ensuring privacy and a sense of security.

These doors are not only aesthetic, they are also solid, durable and functional, which will make your property unique.

Types of transom

We offer doors in three different variants of the sidelight, allowing customers to choose the best solution for their needs. The door is available without a transom, creating a minimalist aesthetic, ideal for people who value complete privacy. Another option is a door with a glass transom, which introduces natural light into the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere and optimal lighting. On the other hand, doors with a full transom are the choice for those who want maximum light and spaciousness. By offering these three variants, we provide our customers with full freedom in creating the interior according to their preferences and functional requirements.

Door types

The range of doors includes a variety of types, including single- and double-leaf, which can be opened outwards or inwards, adapting to the individual needs and preferences of the customer.

Thanks to this, we provide versatile solutions that not only maintain aesthetics, but also take into account functionality and comfort of use.

Whether you need outward opening doors to make the most of your interior space, or prefer inward opening models for an elegant and secure solution, we are ready to meet your expectations by creating doors that perfectly match your lifestyle.

How to open 

The doors in our offer can be opened in various ways, adapting to individual preferences. We offer you the choice between a handle, a handle or a knob to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience of use. The handle is a traditional solution that is convenient and intuitive to use.

The handle is a minimalist option that gives the door a modern look. The knob, on the other hand, is an elegant and sophisticated solution that can be used both as a decorative and functional element. Thanks to this variety of choices, we provide our customers with the freedom to create doors ideally suited to their style and preferences.

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