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PVC plastic windows (known as PVC as well as PVC), wood windows, aluminum windows, or perhaps wood-aluminum or plastic windows plastic? The decision, related to the choice of window material, goes beyond aesthetic aspects and is of much greater importance. PVC, wood and aluminum differ primarily in parameters such as strength, maximum dimensions, durability, thermal insulation and the need for maintenance and cleaning.

The most popular are PVC windows made of plastic. Their profile can be distinguished by chambers - the more chambers, the better the protection against heat loss. The advantages of PVC windows are durability, versatility, ease of cleaning and good value for money.

Wooden windows fulfill their aesthetic and utilitarian function very well, which is why they will be appreciated even by the most demanding customers. The wood fits perfectly into traditional, Scandinavian and rustic buildings. These windows have excellent thermal insulation and natural style, but are more susceptible to weathering than other materials.

Aluminum windows are much slimmer than wooden or plastic ones. Thanks to the plasticity of aluminum, narrow window profiles can be created. This is a good solution for those who value maximum light access to the room. This material is very weather resistant, but in the basic range it is not so warm and is relatively more expensive than other materials.

Modern window joinery uses aluminum caps. They are used to protect the outside of the window, in the case of wooden windows against moisture and weather conditions, and in PVC windows to protect against discoloration caused by the sun.

When choosing a material, it is worth considering which windows will meet our requirements regarding thermal parameters and choose those that will best suit the building and will be comfortable to use.

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