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Window profiles made of different materials, such as wood, aluminum, PVC or wood-aluminium, form the window frame, providing thermal, acoustic and weather protection, being of key importance for the energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics of windows, requiring consideration of aesthetic preferences, functionality, insulation, security and budget when choosing the right profile.

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Window profiles are structures made of different materials such as wood, aluminum, PVC (plastic) or wood-aluminum that make up the window frame. Window profiles have the shape of a frame that holds the window pane or glass , and also provide thermal and acoustic insulation and protection against weather conditions.

Window profiles play an important role in the energy efficiency of windows and overall structural properties. They are designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance to weather conditions, durability and aesthetics.

Depending on the selected material, window profiles may have different features and advantages. Wooden window profiles are warm, aesthetic and durable, but they require regular maintenance. Aluminum profiles are strong, lightweight and easy to maintain, but they conduct heat and may require additional insulating elements. PVC profiles are durable, economical, require minimal maintenance and have good insulating properties.

It is important to choose the right window profile, taking into account aesthetic preferences, functionality, thermal and acoustic insulation, security and budget. 

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