Cheaper as a package

Cheaper as a package 33% OFF

Cheaper as a package

Buy windows and receive a discount on doors, gates, blinds, facade shutters, sills and other products.

"In our unique 'Cheaper as a Package' promotion, we offer you a unique opportunity to comprehensively improve and personalize your home while saving significantly on your purchases.

Our promotional package includes:

  • Doors: when you choose our doors, you not only get a convenient entrance, but also solid security and elegance. Our doors are available in a variety of designs and styles to perfectly match the character of your home.

  • Gates: Our modern gates are not only about functionality, but also about design. They offer easy access to your garage while providing additional security for your vehicle.

  • Blinds: Our blinds are both a decorative element and a functional solution. They protect from excessive sunlight, provide privacy and additional thermal insulation.

  • Façade Blinds: Façade blinds are an excellent way to regulate lighting and protect against excessive sunlight. Available in a variety of designs and colors, they make an aesthetically pleasing addition to a building's facade.

  • Sills: sills are an important part of the interior finish. Our window sills are available in a variety of materials and designs to match any style.

How does this promotion work? When you buy windows, you get attractive discounts on doors, gates, blinds, facade shutters and window sills. This is a great opportunity to complement your windows with products that coordinate perfectly with the overall design of your home, while saving much more than if you buy each product separately.

Don't delay and take advantage of our 'Cheaper in Package' promotion now to make your home even more comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing."